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Abraham Hicks Focus Wheel examples

Ok, so these are the 2 focus wheels I did. I called them my Abraham-Hicks BBQ focus wheels because they were made because of the anxiety I was feeling about going to a great friend’s BBQ because of some funky vibes I had felt in the past especially from one of her friends.
I wanted to be sure to change my focus on what it is I DO want and be in frequency with that so I can create what I want using the law of Attraction. Well let me tell you it worked! It was an amazing night!


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Abraham Hicks Real Life Techniques- The Barbeque Focus Wheel #1

Emotions, I can always feel them. I know if I am feeling good or bad. Right now I have a negative emotion that I can feel about a certain subject. Don’t get me wrong, I am not focused on this, but they must be a part of my vibration because they are present in my life. I want to clean this up NOW before tomorrow so I can create a great experience of what I want and NOT create what I am feeling yucky about and make that come true. 

 Abraham’s teachings and learning all about the law of attraction and applying it has transformed my life and especially who I am in so many ways! Today I will go with a negative emotion I am feeling right now so I can use Abraham Hicks techniques to turn my reality all around. Let’s do it.

Perceived Problem: I am going to a friend of mines (that I love) Birthday BBQ party tomorrow. She is awesome. I just love her. She is such a great friend open and welcoming. She has lots of friends and a particular close-knit bunch of friends that I am feeling some funky vibes from a couple of them. I see their smiley faces but feel something underneath. Is it jealousy??? I am feeling some anxiety about going. They will be in their little click and I will be on the outside not engaging with everyone, just sort of faking that I am okay and feel great. I will have some polite conversations, but nothing meaningful or life-giving. Do I want to create THIS? Nope. I am going to do a focus wheel to get out of this.  

The Focus Wheel helps you to clear up negative vibes or negative feelings. It is a process to give you relief and change your point of attraction now.

Draw a circle – this is the wheel.  Write a positive statement in the center. This is what you want your outcome to be about a particular subject that is bothering you, your desire.  To jump into this positive feeling place of having this desire you are going to write true statements around the circle relating to the chosen subject.  The true statements should be positive, good feeling statements.

Sometimes it may feel hard to start with to find a positive statement which is true about a subject you may be feeling very negative about.  Sometimes it is easier to be very general with your statements picking something which may not be directly related to your desire but will lead you in the right direction towards it.

Start with general statements that are true fact about the subject and write it in. Go around in a clockwise direction to each open spot and reach for positive thought through your feelings as you go until you get back to the center.

Work your way around with statements which take you to a better feeling place than you were when you started the wheel.   If a statement doesn’t help you reach a more positive feeling then you are kicked off of the wheel much like a merry-go-round. Just choose a new statement that feels true to you and more positive than the previous and get back on that wheel.

So think about an example of something you may feel discomfort with.  Then think about something surrounding this example which gives you some relief and helps you to feel better. Once you get started and add to the wheel you will find as you work your way around more and more positive flow.  The better and better you feel.  The lighter and lighter you feel.  The happier and happier you feel.  The more and more you will get into your Vortex.

This is WELL WORTH your time. Remember 99% of people will do nothing about their emotions but just sit in them and feel bad. I am different. Feeling good is important to me and so I will do the work to feel better and change my attraction to create the life I desire- what FUN!!!!  

My first focus wheel went like this:

Center circle is what I desire: Life-giving Supportive, Fun Relationships

I like the way I feel with a good friend in deep positive conversation.

I have a desire to attract all healthy, true friends all around me.

I love it when my friends and I connect and they tell me how much they love me and enjoy getting together.

I feel my focus changing and God’s energy filling me up with good feelings right now.

I love that I can create my life by the thoughts I deliberately think.

I have been told numerous times that I have good positive energy.

What I am experiencing right now is a desire for a strong positive change.

I can see myself with my friends, feeling relaxed, being myself, happy and everyone enjoying ourselves. So Delicious!

My inner being loves me unconditionally

I have made tons of new friends this year alone.

I am coming into being my wonderful authentic self more and more everyday.

I love my friends and my friends love me genuinely 100% always

and around the circle:  I always attract Life- Giving Supportive FUN great friendships!

I feel so much better after doing this focus wheel. Now i know my point of attraction is on what  want and not what I don’t so now this can come into my life. I am a deliberate creator-  yeah!!! this rocks:)

After I finished this, I suddenly got inspired to do another focus wheel. I will call it barbeque Focus wheel #2. see next post and results from the BBQ tomorrow!

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